Conclusion : What We Can Do

Conclusion About Agrochemicals

We thought two methods to solve the problem

1,Spread of Traceability

Food traceability means “to enable us to know the movement of food”.
Producers keep records of the food so that consumers can check the distribution process.
Producers also keep records about fertilizers and agrochemicals used.
Besides, if you have a food trouble, you can know what stage of the distribution was wrong.
Have you ever seen a QR code on a bag when you buy vegetables?
This is one of the traceability initiatives.

However, the number of producers who keep records is few.
It is because it is hard to collect the records and the necessity of traceability is not understood enough.
We should improve the way and establish a system that producers and consumers can manage foods together.

2,Change the Recognition of Organic JAS Logo

Have you ever seen this logo?


Reference Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Organic JAS [website].

Retrieved from

An organic JAS logo is a testament that the food was produced without using chemical substances.
Organic farming can reduce the impact on environment, so it is being promoted.

However, it does not use any chemicals.
Some agrochemicals are permitted to be used so as to produce.
The agrochemicals are decided based on the Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law.
In other words, those which are permitted have a low environmental impact.
they do not prevent the purpose of organic farming.

This fact is unknown so much.

We thought it was necessary to change our recognition of organic farming.
The definition of organic farming is "to avoid using chemically synthesized fertilizers and agrochemicals".
What about changing the definition into "to produce with minimum impact on environment"?

What We Want Tell You

"You had better pay your attention to what you usually consider safe or dangerous."

We surveyed agrochemicals and found many surprising facts.
There were many misunderstandings about agrochemicals.
We can find more things which are misunderstood.
You should have questions about what you believe is safe or dangerous.

Having the right knowledge helps us improve food safety.

Let's review

This website has important information on agrochemicals.
Download the worksheet and review the content!

Divided into three parts, "Why Were Agrochemicals Developed?", "Rule of Agrochemicals" and "Over the sea".
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